About Elozino

They call me Elozino. It means “the Light of God has come” in my mother tongue.

I can’t say when I started to write, nor can I say I’m a ‘writer’, but I can say that over the years my walk with God has fanned the embers of writing in me. Everything I see and hear brings to life the word of God and a story that can be shared to teach God’s love and mercy.3d479529c43a79786edc82a38a4bb7a3
Perhaps it’s the 20+ years of being in children/teen
ministry? As I’ve had to recreate the gospel into stories that catch childrens imagination and teens can relate to.

I can’t say where it started. But I have jottings in old notes, on hard disks, on my iPad, in my head. Inspirations by Elozino is where I am today..pulling together my thoughts into one central place and looking at the Holy Spirit to take it to the uttermost parts of the earth.

  • My short stories are purely fictional
  • My random musings are revelations that hit me from my everyday life
  • Weekly nuggets is a seed the spirit dropped in my heart in 2011; to edify, to direct, to instruct and to encourage. The Holy Spirit hasn’t missed dropping a revelation every Monday since it started.
  • The big deal about 40? Well, that started when I turned 40 and was asking God what the deal was, I am still getting revelations and I continue to write as they come.

I can’t say where this is headed, but with God, it’s definitely a good place and I hope you are blessed as you read from your end of the world.


3 thoughts on “About Elozino

  1. I think this blog is truly a work from God. These stories are fruitful and inspiring. It allows one to relate to the characters and examine their own lives in a non judgmental way. This is truly a place where I will continue to visit to nourish my soul, God willing. Keep up the great work Mrs. Elo!


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