Week1 of 10: check

Every successful project should be clear on a few things; what success looks like & what are the Key leading and lagging indicators that lead to success. These 2 I’ve held unto as my success ingredients

My running plan must be handled like a project – my idea of success is to be able to run 5km comfortably in 10weeks time. Outcome of this is to form a habit of regular excercise which will cage the middle spread.

The Leading indicators are enablers that most happen before a lagging indicator can happen, controllable activities; for me it’s following the weekly plan set out by my online coach. If I don’t do this, I can’t build the correct techniques to achieve my target safely without personal injuries.

That said, I am also clear what this project is not about;

  • It’s not about dropping a dress size, but I hope to fit into my regular clothes without unsightly bulges that hold the extra kg’s
  • It’s not about running a marathon, but I should be able to go up a few stairs at work without panting like a hyena
  • It’s not about climbing the scale every day, but I should get a well toned muscle and bone system that says ‘nae’ to random pains and aches.

So, having cleared the air how was week 1?

Target: to get used to moving. Success was to build the capacity to run for 1 minute without passing out. The plan says run for a minute, walk for another minute to cool down then run another minute, this run-walk cycle continues for 30 mins (before you roll your eyes, 1 minute is a lifetime for a retired couch potato). 

Progress report: the first run started out tough, my heart was pumping so hard that I thought it would jump out of my chest and just run back home. I would look forward to the 1 minute prompt and after so many years the saying  “a watched phone never rings” came to life for me. However, by the end of week 1, I can proudly report that I can now do my 1 minute intervals while having a conversation!

Next weeks target is to be comfortable with 90secs run intervals, but I am ambitious and so for my last run of the week, I pushed myself beyond my 1 minute interval comfort zone to test my endurance for 2 minutes…hmmm….that was hard….but I repeated to myself the word of God from Phillipians 4:13 ” I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” and He did. It was a wonderful feeling of self achievement and I took a commemorative photo to celebrate. 🙂

Next week is officially 90sec week but I am going to stretched it to a 2 minutes week…and I’m looking forward to be able to say, I pushed the boundaries”easy Peasy”…

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