Weeks 9 & 10 of 10

Lesson learnt: Hard work and consistency pays off
I started to keep notes 10 weeks ago for 2 main reasons;
  1. To hold myself accountable and not return to my very attractive couch
  2. To remind myself how much I’ve grown. Picture1

Looking back, all I can now say is “it was a great idea” and I have real proof that I’ve earned my stripes to be called a runner.

My goal to learn how to run in 10 weeks has been successful. The primary agenda was to learn to run-full stop, Secondary agenda was to build endurance to run 5km non stop without walking breaks included. Both were met 150%.
My current 5+KM route is me running all the way except for a 5 minute warm up walk at the beginning and another 5 minute cool off walk at the end. Is that awesome or what???
I’ve learnt loads of lessons along the way which I’ve already documented in this journal, but one which I must now share is that an excuse is a tussle between your flesh and your spirit. When the flesh wins, we stagnate. When the spirit wins we progress.
For many years I have had a list of very water tight excuses not to excercise, very good reasons actually :), but looking back I’m glad I’ve overcome most of them. Most? Someone asks , you’ll understand shortly.
  • Excuse 1: but I’m tired! – I’m married to a man that gets up early most mornings to exercise. I have a long commute so count me out of early morning workout during the weekdays, but at weekend it’s usually “are you coming along today?”, from the depths of my sleep “no, i’m tired”. Well those days are gone, my Saturday’s are the only days I can have an unhurried run so I cherish them. I’m now up by 6am to have my quiet time with the Lord then off on my running route by 7am for an hour. It refreshes (I can’t believe I just said that) and energizes me for my busy Saturday which in the past I would just manage and drag myself through.
  • Excuse 2: but I’m too busy! – my long commute , work schedule and ministry commitments mean I don’t get home till late, as late as 9 pm some days. Well, a run day is a run day IS a run day, so my new life now consists of running laps in my short drive way when it’s too late to go out. This worries the night guard to no end but he’ll get used it. 
  • Excuse 3: but I’m fasting! – how do you keep up an exercise routine and fast ? Trust me this is a non issue and I can testify to that. Of course one needs to be careful not to overdo it while fasting but I have learnt to plan my runs around high energy periods; early in the mornings is best when you still have energy stored up from last nights dinner.
  • Excuse 4: but the sweat will mess up my hair! – that excuse expired 3 years ago after I cut my hair and went natural, but I still managed to hang on to the lame excuse when running out of good excuses. Girl, if it’s sweaty wash it!
  • Excuse 5: but it’s too hot! – then run before the sun comes up. But I’m too tired to wake up early…..refer to mitigation for excuse 1 :). Running in the evening after the sun goes down is another mitigation for this excuse, that is, when I can get home before 6pm….refer to excuse 2 for supporting mitigation 🙂
  • Excuse 6: but it’s raining! – this my friends I am yet to overcome. God has been merciful and started me on this journey during the dry season, I haven’t had to deal with rain in 10 weeks. I have read of the joy of running in the rain….hmm, not sure about that…..we will have to wait and see.

My 10 week journey from couch to 5km is now complete and I pat myself on the back. 5/6 excuses busted, that’s a good deal by any standard.

Short term goal is to improve my timing; yes, I can do 5km but I struggle through some portions of my route. There are a few uphill sections that I really struggle through, I deliberately slow down there to conserve energy and then pick up when I get to level ground. My target is to complete my entire route at the same pace.
Mid term goal is to promote myself and download a ” how to run 10km ” plan……. Don’t change the dial..stay tuned.
Long term goal is to register for a race ( 4K or 10k) and get my first official medal. Kindly note that running a marathon doesn’t feature anywhere on my horizon!!!!
To hubby…….I did it! Thanks to your encouragement all through the years, it finally paid off.
To special peeps and seasoned runners that were rooting for me through out: Bubbles, Ogo, Ehyme…….thanks for all the tips!
To all those inspired by my journey……Yes, you can….no excuses please….1 step at a time…if I can do it…you can.
See you at the next stop

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