I call Him wonderful Father!

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Day: Monday

Time: 6am

If you are familiar with the city of Lagos you will know that Monday morning is when everything that could go wrong with traffic management goes wrong.

If you can visualize it, we got it; sudden rain storms, accidents, multiple car accidents, breakdowns, cars on fire, cars out of gasoline, road rage ………. for some strange reason happen on Mondays causing  increased traffic and extending my 45 min commute to 2 hours if I’m lucky to 4 hours (the record so far).

This makes my Monday ‘get to work’ a military operation and it’s clockwork till I’m in my car and out the gate. Target is to be out the kitchen door by 6am.

This Monday, it’s 6.15am and I’m scurrying to get out of the house.  All my hugs and kisses done, dragging laptop and purse I open the kitchen door only to be stopped by my 10 year old son.

Son: Please wait mummy

I’m trying hard to hide my impatience. Pictures of how backed up the bridge would be by now flash through my mind.

Me: yes? (Through gritted teeth)

Son: I just want to tell you that you are a wonderful mummy.

Me: speechless

He gets an extra hug and kiss and I finally get on my way by 6.30am. I had a warm fuzzy feeling in my heart all day and thought of him throughout my commute  (which happened to be 1 hr).

I’m still warmed up inside when I remember Monday morning and I can’t help but wonder what heaven must be like when we stop early in the morning and tell God “you are such a wonderful Father”, oh what pleasure it would give our heavenly Father. In Isaiah 25:1, I find some words to express my love for Him

 I will exalt You,
I will praise Your name,
For You have done wonderful 
counsels of old are faithfulness and truth.

When last did you send up a simple no-strings attached “I love you” message to God?

Now is the time to play catch up. Shower Him with praise and see if heaven will not stand at attention on your behalf and deliver extra hugs and kisses to bless your day.

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