Swimming upstream

You know me and you know my love for food, desserts and everything nice.

You know me, you also know that I’ve adjusted my life style to exercise regularly and eat food with ‘good’ calories. It’s been a good balance so far with encouraging results.

I have had people challenge my excercise habits, and I tell them its to keep my heart healthy and to burn up excess calories. I was convinced of the necesity of this arguement until last night. I passed the threshold of ‘convinced’ into the realm of ‘beyond reasable doubt‘.

So about Last night…..

I’ve been working from a location in the far east for 2 weeks now. The first sight of the deserts and first taste of the different cuisines- I was totally smitten. From Indian, to Chinese, to Thai , to Japanese, to Malay……. the highlight of our day as we rode back to the hotel was agreeing where to go for dinner and what time to meet at the lobby.

I would always ask for a 90min period of grace before dinner …. 1 hour to walk/ run and 30 minutes to shower and look pretty before dinner. This didn’t usually go down well with the hungry guys but being the only chick on the team they agreed most days but not without grumbling.  And so in 2 weeks I’ve racked up a pretty impressive mileage and also eaten an equally pretty impressive amount of food above the usual. And in my mind it balanced out nicely.

But even with average 1700 calories a day I burn excercising, I was not prepared for the shock of last night.  

A few of my colleagues who reside here took me out for dinner, the first time without my fellow visitor hotel buddies.  As usual I ordered a fresh watermelon juice (I fell in love with their refreshing healty fresh fruit juices options) and left the food order to the experienced people. 

What I heard next shocked me to the bone marrow.  Someone ordered same juice as me but added “no sugar please“. I heard food orders round the table; beef , fish, vegetables …. and all followed by “no sugar please“.

So I lean over to my left and ask the man “what’s this no sugar deal?.” He responded casually ” oh, these people add sugar to everything …so when you eat out you have to specify- no sugar“.

Shock!!! Then it clicked…So that’s it! ..that’s why I drag myself out of bed tired every morning….that’s why after dinner I’m buzzing around my room and can’t sleep…. that’s why by lunch time I’m as hungry as a lion…. that’s why I haven’t been ‘going ‘ regularly….. OMG…. visions of my meals these past days flash past my eyes. I’ve been swimming upstream.  I quickly recovered and buried my sorrows in another sumptious dinner.

My estimation of how much calories I’ve eaten over this 2 weeks is way off because I have absolutely no clue of how much sugar is floating around my blood and brain (and waistline). All I can say is, thank you Lord for the revelation to increase my excercise target to daily vs thrice a week. Even though I didn’t meet the target, I succeeded in doing 5/7 days which is a pass by any standard.

It’s time to head home and it’ll be all about de-sugarising my system. Lots of Water, green tea,  maintain the 5/7 pattern and stay away from anything that remotely looks like sugar.



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