The play dough saga: What will Jesus Do?

My 10year old and I were out shopping yesterday and he made a very good sales pitch about the advantages of me buying him a pack of play dough.

Now although play dough would be a catalyst for his creative side, it will also be a huge distraction. To meet in the middle he asked we pray about it. Impressed, I asked him to lead the prayers….. he thanked God for life and privilege for being able to get play dough. He prayed that it will not be a distraction such that  daddy wouldn’t confiscate it.  He prayed that he wouldnt leave it lying around the house so that mummy wouldn’t get into a screaming feat (!).  And then he prayed that he would obey all toy rules (toys should never leave the house except with permission). And we all said a big Amen.

Fast forward to Today, less than 24hrs later.

Sunday school teacher reports that said son was playing with play dough in class and was distracted!. A short 1-1 interview followed;

  • Me: how many things did you promise God before we bought this?
  • Him: 3
  • Me: How many have you  broken
  • Him: 2
  • Me: what’s the consequence?
  • Him: it is going to the cabinet.

Yup. All play dough cleared and stored in the revered cabinet for seized toys/books .

But, wait though! How many times have we broken our promise to God ? How many times have we taken God’s gifts for granted? Yet God keeps on giving, admonishing us to be better and nurturing us to maturity.

So I’ll repent and take this as strike 1. Instead of the cabinet, he’ll get off with a stern warning. With lots of love, understanding and nurturing….And faith….this boy will blosom into a super responsible young man….Amen

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