Deliberately delivering the 4 point strategy

As I arrive home from work, my son special-K opens the front door and greets my with an exuberant “Mummy look, look!” Grabbing my hands and trying to get me to join a dance.

I’m looking but I am not understanding the source of excitement.

Finally he shares – “I can open the door without the stool”!

My eyes open wide as I see, oh My! “You’ve grown taller” as I release myself into the dance.

You see, the front door has a latch at the top which even some ‘height challenged’ adults tiptoe to open. Special-K had devised a means of opening it with a stool but today he opened it on tip-toes.

Where did time go?

As we dance, I remember that physical growth is just 1 of 4 strategies for total child development, the rest are spiritual. My four points strategy is gotten from the life of Jesus as a growing lad in Luke 2:40;

And the Child grew and became strong in spirit, filled with wisdom; and the grace of God was upon Him.

  1. Physical growth
  2. Strong in the spirit
  3. Full of wisdom
  4. Grace of God

The holy spirit prompted me with this thought as we danced- am I as delibrate in feeding him spiritually as I am physically ?.

We are deliberate in planning their meals, their drinks, their play. We encourage them to drink more water, eat more fruits and veggies, eat less sugar, drink less soda. We sign them up for sports programs so they can be strong, We ensure they get enough sleep…. the list is endless to deliver strategy 1. But, What’s the deliberate plan for delivering strategy 2-4 in our children?

This is my random musing, and I pray that as we allow this marinade in our spirit, the Lord himself will show us how to deliver this 4 point strategy, deliberately, intentionally and successfully.

2 thoughts on “Deliberately delivering the 4 point strategy

  1. Wow. This is instructive. Unfortunately many parents have learnt only too late the error in not developing their children beyond the first strategy. Thank you Elo for this.


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