2019, let’s do this!

It is that time of the year when targets are on our mind – whether it’s at work, at home, at play. Every one is setting a target to challenge themselves to do better, go longer, go higher.

Last year I had several goals; fitness goals, spiritual goals and by God’s grace most were conquered. However, one thing I learnt from my fitness buddies is how to create fun challenges playing on words to attain the goals in an atmosphere of excitement.

So this year, let’s be encouraged to commit to some fun 2019 spiritual goals;





What ever you are led to create, let’s go there!

Some challenges I’ve been considering;

  • 20:19 word search challenge. Study chapter 20, verse 19 of every book of the bible and dig up any promises that are written there for us. Memorize them and keep them as our 2019 promises.
  • 2019 seconds prayer challenge. Pray 2019 seconds every day this year…That’s only 33mins a day!
  • 20.19 stop and pray challenge. Where ever you are, whatever you are doing, at 8pm every evening stop and intercede for 19 minutes for someone else in need.
  • 20/19 fasting challenge. Identify 19 people or situations that need a touch from God, commit the 20th of every month to fast, pray and intercede for those on your list and trust God for testimonies.
  • 20.19 lunch time challenge. Sacrifice 20minutes19secs of our lunch time to just worship, no prayers, just worship. And the King of Glory will do a new thing in our lives.

The list of spiritual challenges we can create is endless, but what is most important is that at end of the year, we would have grown to be consistent in prayers, consistent in putting others before self in prayers, consistent in worship.

I pray that as we succeed in becoming consistent, we will succeed in abiding under the shadow of the wings of the almighty and we will become consistent recipients of consistent miracles in 2019.

So, as you read this, and as led by the spirit, please share with us (in the comment section) the 2019 spiritual challenge you are committing to. It could encourage someone else to do 2019 in power.


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One thought on “2019, let’s do this!

  1. Love those goals! Really unique how you made them, I’ll remember them now haha. Goals are very important, without which we would be floating in limbo going nowhere. Thanks for writing about this, keep it up! Liked and followed!
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