My earned greys

So, I’m getting my Gele (traditional Nigerian head gear used for formal occasions) tied

20190622_1833328733499412926135103.jpgprofessionally and the 2 lady stylists are speaking in the Yoruba language (from South West Nigeria) about the grey hair taking over my hairline and how its spoiling my swag.

I pretend to be uninterested in the conversation.

Lady 1 to lady 2 in Yoruba: “it seems she doesn’t understand what we are saying”.
Lady 2 to lady 1 in Yoruba: “cant be, maybe she is just distracted”. (Them to me in English), “m’am we were asking you a question”.
Me: pretending “I’m sorry, I don’t understand Yoruba”
…Conversation then switches to English…

Lady 2: “M’am, I was asking why you don’t want to colour your grey hair. It makes you look older than your age, I bet it’s just stress… blah blah”
Me: “Don’t worry, I’m very comfortable with my greys. And, It’s not stress, I’ve earned every single strand and I don’t plan to cover it up”
Lady 1: “Earn? You cant have possibly earned grey hair at your age”
Me: “So, how old do you think I am?”
Lady 1: “Between 30 & 35”
Lady 2: “No way is she 35? She can’t be up to 30”.

Me: smiles
Lady 1: “M’am which one of us guessed your age correctly?”
Me: just keeps smiling and allow them stew in their curiosity. No point telling them they are nearly 20 years off the mark.

My greys may not have swag, but I’m so proud of them, they remind me of every day that God has shown me mercy, putting the precious breath of life in my lungs.

Maybe when the #50sFever is fully loaded, I’ll dye my hair red or blonde or something out of character and blame it on the #50 Crises.
… but for now, please leave my hair and allow the world to keep guessing my age.

One thought on “My earned greys

  1. πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ Praise God for the hard earned greys indeed!!! And praise God for giving you youthfulness. 20 years off the mark!!!! Now that is something!!!


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