Conversation with a Caveman

Scene is in an elevator at work, and I’m in the company of another passenger wearing a guest ID.

I smile and greet the usual “good morning” and proceed to mind my business, but my co-rider seemed not to be able to do same, trying to spy my ID tag.

Eventually he asks “sorry, did you go to the University of Benin“?
Me: Yes
Him: are you Elo?
Me: (now curious) Yes
Him: Wow, you haven’t changed much!. I remember you from your first year in the faculty of Engineering (he explains he was in his final year then)
Me: (one eye brow raised)
Him: So, you work here?, what do you do?
Me: I’m an Engineer
Him: Wow, I remember your set had an unusually high number of girls and we even had bets on how many of you would graduate as Engineers. We struggled with the concept of pretty engineers and ontop of that pretty engineers that partied at weekends.
Me: (two eye brows raised) Really, how archaic!
Him: how about the other ladies in your set, did they all graduate from the faculty too?
Me: Yes, all of us now ‘pretty’ engineers. (Sarcastically)
Him: thats excellent (but obviously still struggling with the concept of pretty-fun-loving-female-engineers)

I stepped out of the elevator with a single thought on my mind – How do people with a stoneaged mindset (like my elevator partner) function in today’s world? How would such a person manage a diverse pool of staff that includes females or even worse, pretty female engineers without killing some dreams?

Genesis 1:27,So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them”.

God created 2 models of the same product, each with unique gifts, dreams with equal grace to excel. What ever dream God has placed in your heart, let no one say you are too tall, too short, too male, too female or too pretty to attain it. God who gives the dream will give the strength and wisdom to accomplish it.

On the flipside, if you’ve ever looked at any of God’s creation and placed a limit on their ability or future based on a stereotypical mould – its time to repent and crawl out of your cave…. the world has moved on and God’s creations (both male and female) are equipped to excel and do great exploits to the glory of His name.

3 thoughts on “Conversation with a Caveman

  1. Watch this space mister. Very soon, this pretty female engineer will be signing the papers for your contract. Women are powerful, unique and unstoppable. Women are royal priesthood, perculiar and will fly while you are still looking. Ooops! Close your mouth.

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  2. This is a very interesting article, its funny how we can live being driven by unconscious bias. We all need to be called out from time to time just like in this post, when we get distracted and are tempted to place labels on people that God has not placed on them.

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